BBB BBS-53 DiscStop disc brake pad

5 390 Ft
(8 [N/A] RATING)
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Regardless of the type of brake, mechanical or hydraulic, BBB disc brake pads BBB brake pads are made from two types of asbestos-free organic material.

■ T-25 for hydraulic systems, brake coefficient 0.50.

■ T-68 for mechanical systems, brake coefficient 0.55.

Each material compound is specially designed for the type of brakes. For the maximum braking power and heat dissipation always use the correct compatible pad!
Where necessary springs are included with the pads.

Unit: for 1 wheel
Compatible brake: Tektro Draco, Shimano M396, Shimano M395 [EN] , Shimano TX805, Shimano M475, Shimano C501, Shimano C601, Shimano M495, Rst D-power, Shimano (BR-M416), Shimano M445, Tektro Volans [EN] , Shimano M375, Shimano M446, Tektro HDC, Shimano M355, Shimano M4050, Tektro Gemini, Tektro Aries, TRP Spyre, Tektro Vela, Tektro Orion, Tektro Aquila, Shimano M315, Shimano M365, Shimano M447, Tektro HD-M285, Tektro HD-M290, Shimano T615, Shimano MT500, Shimano M465, Shimano M415, Shimano M416A, Shimano MT200, Shimano M3050, TRP Hylex, TRP HY/RD, Tektro HD-M520, Tektro HD-M352, Tektro HD-T520, Tektro MD-M500, Tektro Dorado HD-E710, TRP Spyke, Tektro MD-280, TRP Parabox R, Bengal Helix 7B, Bengal Ares Pro, TRP Dash Sport, TRP Spyre SLC, Shimano MT400, Shimano UR300, Tektro Dorado HD-E715, RST QDH-01, Clark's S2, Bengal Ares 5, Tektro HD-M286, Tektro HD-M740, Tektro HD-M730, Tektro HD-M521, Tektro HD-M510, Tektro HD-M500, Tektro HD-M501, Tektro HD-M291, Tektro HD-T710, Tektro HD-T530, Tektro HD-T290, Tektro HD-T285, Tektro HD-T525, Tektro HD-E715, Tektro HD-E530, Tektro HD-E525, Tektro HD-E520, Tektro HD-E500, Tektro MD-M300, Tektro MD-C400, Tektro MD-C510, Tektro MD-M280, Shimano M525, Shimano M485, Tektro Auriga [EN], Promax DSK-909 Q6, Shimano M486, Shimano M575
Fékpofa anyaga: steel based organic
Hűtőbordás [EN]: no

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    5 390 Ft / 1 kerékhez
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